Responsible Travel

Mission Statement For A Sustainable Future

Realistic Asia is committed to operating a socially and environmentally responsible business model taking care of our destinations. As our business continues to grow, we are determined to reduce the negative impact of our operations and increase the benefits to the communities we visit. We share the values of sustainable tourism and are committed to implementing this concept for our tours at all destinations we serve, offering our travelers a meaningful and authentic experience. We care about the places we offer to visit as it is our home, and we want it to be the same beautiful for future generations.

Our commitment

In 2023, Realistic Asia made a real difference! We joined forces with local communities and championed environmental initiatives, leaving a lasting positive footprint across Asia. Dive deeper into our impactful results here.

Travel with purpose. In 2024, we're making strides in responsible travel. Our goal is to create a positive impact on both the environment and the communities we serve. Here are the four main points that showcase our commitment:

Certified Sustainability

Certified Sustainability

We're pursuing the prestigious Travelife certification, ensuring responsible tourism practices that meet global standards and giving you peace of mind knowing your adventures are eco-friendly.
Immersive Experiences

Immersive Experiences

Our brand new responsible activities in Southeast Asia will connect you with the destination on a deeper level, providing authentic experiences while minimizing our environmental impact.
Building a Culture of Sustainability

Building a Culture of Sustainability

We actively communicate our sustainability initiatives with our employees, partners, and clients. Alongside this, we're implementing greener practices in our offices, reducing our carbon footprint through initiatives
Empowering Local Communities

Empowering Local Communities

By fostering valuable relationships with local partners and communities, while offering cultural experiences, we actively support and uplift the communities we visit, creating a positive impact.

Environment protection

Working in the travel industry means loving and appreciating the world we live in. Being based in Southeast Asia, we understand the importance of preserving the environment and see how overtourism can destroy the beauty of nature and home for many living creatures.
In our itineraries, we committed to taking travelers out of standard routes giving less pressure on the environment, and allowing them to see the destination from a different angle. We work with certificated and responsible animal centers, making sure that the animals are treated properly. We suggest alternatives, more eco-friendly forms of activities.

Community Support

We have built strong relationships with the local communities and are constantly searching for ways to empower and promote local businesses. We use local guides at each destination, who have the best knowledge about the area and how to run the tour in the best way for the environment. In addition, we give preferences to locally owned accommodations, local suppliers, and local communities by purchasing locally produced goods and working with small enterprises. Thereby, we increase the amount of revenue that stays in local communities, which helps to promote development and income in underdeveloped areas.
We encourage the creation and suggest community-based tours to our clients. This way we ensure the clients get a truly authentic experience and the benefits go directly back into the community where we work and live.

Preserving Local Culture

Realistic Asia seeks to appreciate and promote the diversity of the region’s cultures. Our destinations have rich history and culture, and we are happy to share it with our travelers. We understand the importance of preserving our traditions and cultural heritage and working closely with the local artisans, history, and culture specialists to deliver a memorable and authentic experience to our travelers. At the same time, we provide job opportunities and income to our partners that support them to maintain traditional businesses.

Fair Business Practice

Equality and inclusiveness are crucial to the way we do business. We respect the labor law and make everything to create a comfortable and healthy working environment for our team members. We facilitate respectful long-term relationships with our partners and suppliers to continuously work on mutual development and deliver good quality services. And we are also fair to our travelers letting them know all important things related to their trip making sure they will have a wonderful experience during the travel.