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Our Team

The Realistic Asia team is made up of talented and passionate people, each member contributes their own travel experience, expertise in the field, and distinct insight into the destination we serve. We’ve been backpackers and honored guests, tourists and residents, upstarts and valued partners, outsiders and insiders and we bring a special combination of personalization and hands-on experience to our clients that no other source can match.

Hien Do

Co-Founder & CEO

Hien is the expert in all of the company’s tour destinations. She is passionately committed to providing authentic experiences; sophisticated recommendations and a high level of personalized services. Now she is calmly in charge of strategic planning to maintain the company’s position as the leading tour operator.

Minah Trinh

Marketing Executive

Minah is deeply involved in managing our website, social media and content across all of our channels, making sure they are full of beautiful inspiration for our clients. As the person who obsessed with the sky, she fell deeply in love with Myanmar where she witnessed the most spectacular sunrise in Bagan.

Ha Trinh

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Ha has a huge passion for history culture, especially for his home country and enthusiastic to show travelers its best parts so he co-found Realistic Asia. He is the master mind behind our exclusive Ba Vi Eco Tour which supports the local community by providing clients unique and authentic experiences.

Lana Nghiem

Business Development Specialist

Lana has a degree in English studies at the university and worked as an interpreter after graduation. She loves exploring off-the-beaten-path places and whenever she travels, she always seeks out local traditional customs. She is now working as a specialist in our business development

Dat Huynh

Sales Manager

Originally from Binh Dinh – a calmly coastal province in the South, Dat moved to Hanoi and has been with Realistic Asia since the early days. His love for travel was first sparked while studying at the university, then he has discovered every corner of Vietnam and has deep knowledge about all the destinations we offer.

Khanh Ly

Tour Operation Manager

Ly has the important job of working closely with trusted suppliers of Realistic Asia to ensure that our customer’s experiences are second to none. Her favorite destination is Laos and one of her favorite activities is browsing local markets in search of authentic local cuisine.

Irina Hatcher

Partnership Manager

As a responsible and attention-to-detail person, Irina is managing the good relationship with our business partners and making sure that all agents working with us are in good hands. She was born and raised in Russia yet spends most of her time living in Cambodia, Vietnam, China and even Africa.

Hong Cam

Accounting Manager

Cam comes with extensive background in accounting. She is an environment advocate and also a travel enthusiast. Her favorite moment is time spending with her family at the beautiful beach of Nha Trang.

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