War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh CIty

War Remnants Museum listed as Asia’s top

HCMC’s War Remnants Museum was named in list of 10 best museums in Asia by The Travel, a tourism website from Canda.

The article on website says: “It was built in remembrance of the war in Vietnam. The museum contains many artifacts and other machines used during the war.” “For a tourist interested in learning as much as possible about the war history of Vietnam, this is the right place to visit.”

After the Vietnam was end in 1975, the HCMC’s Was Remnants Museum was built as a place to remind people about one of the longest wars ever happened in Vietnam.

Situated on Vo Van Tan Street in District 3, it is a 10-minute drive from Ben Thanh Market.

There are more than 20,000 artifacts, images and documentaries in HCMC’s War Remnants Museum that that shine a light on the atrocities and war crimes perpetrated by colonial and imperial forces, and millions of Vietnamese suffer from the aftermath to this day.

National Taiwan Science Education Center, China’s Hubei Provincial Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, and India’s National Museum of Natural History are were named in this this.

Destinations in Vietnam are become more  popular attach tourists. Last month, another Western Magazine, the BuzzFeed also named Hanoi as one the most solo-friendly city for tourists.

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