Vietnam should easing visa policy for tourists

Vietnam should easing visa policy

Tourism industry insiders suggest Vietnam should easing visa policy for more countries as Vietnam is going to fully open borders for tourists next month.

On Thursday, a member of the Tourism Advisory Board, Luong Hoai Nam, said it is necessary to relaxing the visa policy in order to attract more foreign tourists to Vietnam.

European Union, Australia and New Zealand should be next markets that are waived visas by the government, Nam suggested.

In the case of major tourism markets like China and the U.S., the government also needs to consider long-term visas of up to 10 years to attract visitors from there, he said.

“Now it is difficult for us to attract foreign tourists unlike before the pandemic, and many tourists will refuse to return to Vietnam if the country requires a visa while many regional countries have relaxed visa polices.”

There were 24 countries which their citizen can enter Vietnam without visa requirement before pandemic, compared to Thailand’s 61, Singapore’s 158, Malaysia’s 155, and Indonesia’s 169.

Tran Dinh Thien, a member of the prime minister’s economic advisory group, also said the government should waive visas for visitors from Vietnam’s major tourism markets to help the travel industry rebound quickly.

Bui Minh Dang of the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam said some foreign carriers have sought to resume flights to tourist destinations in central Vietnam from next month and this is a positive sign for the travel industry.

Around 43 millions passengers is capacity which is expected to carry by aviation industry this year, about 50 percent of post-pandemic levels. The number also including six millions foreign tourists, Dang said.

Vietnam has resumed commercial flights to 20 out of 28 countries and territories it normally flies to.

9,000 foreign has arrivals Vietnam since November 2021 as he country partially reopened international tourism, Ha Van Sieu, he country partially reopened international tourism reported.

This year, Vietnam has set a target of welcoming five to six million foreign tourists.

The country welcomed 18 millions foreign tourists in 2019, make it became record.

From March 15, Vietnam will reopen inbound and outbound tourism under new normal conditions, with foreign tourists allowed to visit the country without booking tour packages. Vietnam should easing visa policy as a new offer for international tourists.

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