Should not worry when Vietnam reopen

No infection threats when Vietnam reopen

Vietnam reopen border for international tourists from 15 March. The government is suggested don’t worry about foreign infection but should be confident when reopening.

From 15 March, Vietnam reopen border for international tourists. The government is suggested don’t worry about foreign infection but should be confident when reopening.

From the begin of the pandemic, there are over 5 million Covid cases in Vietnam, 99.7 percent of these case were domestic infections. Tran Dac Phu, a senior advisor at Public Health Emergency Operations Center under the Health Ministry informed.

At a tourism reopening conference which held by Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Friday, Phu said: “As domestic infections account for the majority and Vietnam has recorded all new virus strains, we don’t need to worry about infections from foreigners entering Vietnam,”

“The country should be confident in reopening international tourism.”

He explained that thanks to high vaccination coverage, the rate of severe patients are remained low even when daily new case increasing.

“With experience and current medical capability, the health system would not be overloaded, and the mortality rate will not be high, which is why we should reopen economic and tourism activities and accept Covid cases in the community,” he said.

Nguyen Quy Phuong, an official from Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, said the health ministry is drafting instructions for receiving foreign tourists.

Phuong expected travel restrictions would be relaxed so that Vietnam could soon reopen its doors to foreign tourists in a safe and effective way.

“Foreign and domestic tourists should be treated alike,” Phuong said.

Phan Thi Minh Giang, an official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Consular Department, said the ministry has proposed the government resumes its former visa exemption policy.

“This was an important factor in reopening inbound tourism,” Giang added.

Vietnam has received 9,000 foreign arrivals since November last year as the country partially reopened international tourism.

From March 15, Vietnam is set to lift most of travel restrictions and foreign tourists would be allowed to visit the country without booking tour packages.

However, there have not been final instructions on visa issuance and entry restrictions.

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