No entry restriction for tourists when enter Vietnam

No entry restriction, said Tourism ministry

No entry restriction for foreigners who want to enter Vietnam after the country fully open for tourism after 15 March.

A proposal by the Health Ministry which suggest to increase restriction such as isolation time and Covid-19 tests for foreign enter Vietnam was rejected by Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism.

The government has received final plan to reopen tourism staring 15 March. The plan was submit by Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism, head of the National Administration of Tourism, Nguyen Trung Khanh said.

According to this plan, test will be taken at border gate for visitors who enter Vietnam by land and sea. In the other hand, foreigners landing at international airport should head to their accommodation immediately and get test within 24 hours of entrance. Those tested negative once can travel freely.

Even no entry restriction is made, but tourists still need neither Covid-19 vaccination certificates or recovered from Covid-19 proof.

The Health Ministry’s proposal on Wednesday said tourists should be self-isolated for three days and tested two to three times during this period. It suggested that unvaccinated children should be self-isolated for seven days and tested each day.

Foreign tourists also are asked to have negative coronavirus test within 72 hours before their flight departs, instead of before they enter Vietnam.

Khanh said the negative test requirement before flights is appropriate due to long flight periods for tourists in faraway markets, and the fact that some tourists could experience delays before entering Vietnam due to different circumstances.

Vietnamese visa policies for foreigner also is suggested to resume as pre-pandemic to attach tourists. The ministry also suggest to complete Covid-19 vaccine certificates and passport for Vietnamese people who want to travel abroad.

From March 15, Vietnam will fully reopen inbound tourism with no entry restriction, foreign tourists allowed to visit the country without booking tour packages. All visitors must use PC-Covid health declaration application during their stay in Vietnam.

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