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Top 10 the Most Instagrammable Places In Vietnam

Vietnam is full of wonders and amazing landscapes that stretched from the high mountain to the mighty Mekong Delta. The unique location that makes Vietnam well-known for its countless Instagram spot for those who loved and passionate seeks out the exotic beauty in the worlds

  1. Sa Pa – Rice Terraces

Situated atop dramatic mountains surrounded by dramatic green rice terraces in northwest Vietnam and home to ethnic minorities with unique stilt houses and landscapes, Sapa is considered a top-notch place to escapes the bustling city and capture splendid moments. The breathtaking beauty of Sapa is displayed by endless lush rice and adventure tribe paths. Take the views from the hike deep into the cascading rice terraces to truly immerse the beauty of Sapa


  1. Ninh Binh – Lying Dragon Mountain Viewpoint

To admire the magnificent views, you climb up 450 steeps and uneven steps, the panoramic view of the winding river and striking limestone cliffs from the top are worth it. Ninh Bình is also called “ Halong Bay in land” because the a thousand gigantic karst mountains raise from the lush rice valleys. Conquer the top of mountain that makes you imagine losing in the fairylands. Floating on the rowing boat through Ngo Dong river and observe the fringed green rice paddies on the bank of river and explore the stalagmite and stalactite caves.

  1. Ban Gioc Waterfall

Located along Northern Vietnam, Ban Gioc Waterfall is ranked one of the stunning waterfalls lays in the borders. A beautiful jade-blue body of water flowing from China through a pastoral landscape of rice fields and bamboo groves surrounded by limestone pinnacles, Ban Gioc is still relatively an off-the-beaten-paths sight. To have better experiences and observe plenty of the beauty of the waterfall with turquoise waters and enjoy the bamboo raft right up waterfall, whenever planning to Ban Gioc waterfall, you should choose the right season.

  1. Ha Long Bay – Dragon Bay in North of Vietnam

Continue to the next spotlight in North Vietnam, Ha Long Bay is one of the natural wonders heritage recognized by UNESCO. The perfect picture of thousand karst limestones surrounded by turquoise waters raises on the bay capture in your eyes; for many tourists, this place like something right out of a movie, Ha Long Bay contains the wide range of biodiversity and habitat of rare animals. When the sun goes down and sunrise on the limestone are one of the best moment ever

  1. Hoi An Lantern

The iconic in Hoi An is lantern, at night, the entire city is illuminated with thousand lanterns and candles make it an atmospheric and beautiful spot. As ancient trading town in the 16th and 17th centuries, Hoi An well preserves some great things that is small streets enough to get around on foot and the house constructed over a century ago and feature strong Chinese influences stemming from the merchant from China. The harmonized location lays on the bank of Thu Bon makes Hoi An so emotional and peaceful.

  1. Son Doong Cave – The biggest cave in the world

Son Dong has recognized as the biggest cave in the world and housing many limestone grottoes, stalactites and stalagmites. Conquer Son Dong cave is full of challenges, trek into the cave to get there is worth, the cave blows you away with its various caverns, clouds, rivers and waterfalls. It’s truly exotic place in the world and the photos speak for themselves

  1. Mu Cang Chai

Mu Cang Chai is well-known for spectacular terraced rice fields and is located in the foot of Hoang Lien Son mountain range; the favorite destination for nature lovers and photographers in June and September when the endless terraces rice fields change from green color to yellow. It looks like golden silk scarves flying over in the green mountain make these landscapes truly astonishingly beautiful. If you can’t come at harvest season, you also admire the beauty of Mu Cang Chai in May to June when the first summer rains start pouring down the mountain to terraces that make the surface of terraces like a giant mirror reflecting the blue sky and clouds.

  1. Ma Pi Leng Pass – One of Vietnam’s toughest passes

Ma Pi Leng is described as one of four dangerous passes in Vietnam, soaring over the pass like touch the clouds. Although the pass is so dangerous and scary, you’ll be rewarded with the magnificent view of the turquoise water of Nho Que flowing down at the foot of mountains. Ma Pi Leng is considered the striking place for those who seeking the fascinating landscape and famous for its narrow, twisting roads and mountain passes that kindle the adventurous spirit.

  1. Mui Ne Sand Dunes

Mui Ne is a peaceful and beautiful fishing village down to the south coast of Vietnam that includes two giant sand dunes. These charming geological oddities are not as rare as you might think. Sand dunes are present on shorelines where fine sediment is transported landward by a combination of high winds rushing to and from the ocean, and waves creating the unique beauty of this land.

  1. Tra Su Cajuput Forest

Tra Su Forest is an eco-system of cajuput trees that line dusty dirt paths and is home to a variety of birds and wildlife. Tra Su Cajuput Forest is ideal place for those who seek natural environments. The beauty of cajuput is revealed in flood season, the forest dressed up with appealing seem a green carpet of duckweed covering of area. Taking a small boat through the narrow canal to admire the true beauty.

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