September 2021

Are you itchy to travel again once the country’s border reopens? Due to the widespread of Covid-19, some tourist attractions are now still off-limits; however, the things we’ll do when the vaccines are distributed and the pandemic is over! We can make a plan to have a good preparation for the near future by quick reference the bucket list below. 1. Vietnam Halong Bay – UNESCO-Heritage-Site Tourist attractions after the absence of a herd of tourists 2 years being hit by the pandemic have renewed their appearance. As the small number

1. How to find the best hotels in Vietnam? Scanning through review first Vietnam has a lot of high-rated hotels and charismatic places with relatively cheap prices. If you are on a budget trip, filtering out the 8-9 range might help you cut down on some expenses for accommodation. It is recommended that you look at room standards that you prioritize such as cleanliness, facilities like air-conditioner, Wifi, etc. then you can easily eliminate inappropriate options. The price ranges  In Vietnam and some Southeast Asia countries, you can be amazed by how

Thai food novices should try those dishes to get the taste of the world’s famous cuisine and dishes. Those dishes are iconic among treasured Thai cuisine with appetizing flavors and blends of fresh quintessential Thai ingredients. 1. Pad Thai (Stir-fried noodles) Pad Thai is Thailand’s most popular dish with thin rice noodles stir-fried with scrambled eggs (or omelet), shrimp or chicken, and tofu. Its flavor is enhanced with fish sauce, sugar, tamarind, vinegar, and some dried chili highlighting the Thai twist. You can buy Pad Thai in any stalls and

Refresh your inspiration and embark on your passion for travel after covid is controlled, let’s explore 10 interesting things and don’t miss out on what you should do when traveling to Vietnam 1. Tastes Of Hanoi – Culinary Tours The capital city of Vietnam – Hanoi is not only known for cultural landmarks, hectic pace of life and tree-lined streets but also heaven for regional delicacies. If you are a foodie and want to get the tastiest mouth-watering dishes with a reasonable price, a food tour will be the best

Staying connected with nature while charging up the energy is the notable focus of staying here. Those eco-friendly resorts will bring you the best moments ever. 1, Mai Chau Hideaway Resort Mai Chau Hideaway Resort (Mai Chau Hideaway) is the only ecological resort with a stunning view of Hoa Binh lake. A highlighted and unique retreat model, Mai Chau Hideaway Resort is always a top favorite destination for those who are nature-lovers and crave a chance to get away from the city bustle. Get yourself immersed in the tranquility and

1/ Traditional Vietnamese Water puppet Legend has it that, from about 1000 years ago this performance was inspired by the common life of peasants in Northern Vietnam. The stage has a frugal appearance in the middle of a shallow pond formed from the waist-deep water level of cultivated paddies. The concept based on the heart of rural Vietnamese activities such as fishing, agriculture, and traditional tales and stories. When viewing one of these plays, you will not only be able to witness people’s lives but also appreciate the creative

Vietnam has a 3200 km coastline that spreads from North to South. This lets the country offer a stunning place for a beach break at any time of the year. Clear warm water, white sand beaches, reclining palms, and a big variety of activities – what else can you dream about? The only question is what beach to choose. So here is our guide for the best beach destinations in Vietnam. CAT BA  Cat Ba is located in Lan Ha Bay and is the largest island in that area. A

Vietnam is a great place for traveling with children. A family holiday here will be safe, interesting, educational, and fun. But the main question in organizing a family vacation is what would be the best activities for the children. So here we will introduce you to the best tours in Vietnam for kids and their parents as well. 1, Learn about water puppetry art in Hanoi We often take our children to the theater or different shows. Water puppet show originated in Northern Vietnam will introduce you to the traditional Vietnamese arts. The show is

Vietnam is a wonderful place to visit as it offers everything you want to add to your journey; a fascinating culture, delectable cuisine, magnificent natural landscapes mix with the colorful chaotic cities. And, in recent years, Vietnam becomes an amazing country for a destination wedding.  If you planning to celebrate your wedding in Southeast Asia, especially in Vietnam, let us help you decide which venues are the best and suitable according to your preferences. Sapa  Sapa is a highland town in Lao Cai province and is well-known for having stunning

Do not miss out on a unique entertainment genre in Vietnam – Hanoi water puppet show! Water puppet artist Phan Thanh Liem was born in a family of 7 generations doing water puppet in Rạch village, Nam Chan commune, Nam Truc district, Nam Dinh province – about 80 km to the south of Hanoi. His family has been contributing a lot to Vietnamese water puppetry, especially Hanoi water puppet show. Famous water puppet artist Phan Van Ngai, father of Phan Thanh Liem devoted his whole life to the Vietnamese water puppetry

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