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Yee Peng Festival – The biggest lantern festival in Chiang Mai

Enchanting lantern festival in Chiang Mai is a precious chance that you can admire thousands of brightly lit lanterns floating in the night sky. Immerse yourself in a stunning scene which once filmed in a Disney movie – the 2010 American 3D computer-animated musical adventure film Tangled.

What is Yee Peng Festival?

The Yee Peng Festival (also known as Lantern Festival or Light Festival) is celebrated on the second full moon of the Lanna calendar in November. This ceremony often takes place in November annually. Yee Peng Festival falls on different days of November each year and it often comes before the Loykrathong festival which is on the twelfth full moon of the Thai lunar calendar. 

Why is Yee Peng celebrated?

The release of lanterns in the sky is believed to let go misfortunes and bad things of the old year and welcome the best things coming for the next year. People sometimes also pray or wish before releasing the lantern and hope that it will come true. The festival is also to worship Buddha. In Buddhism, this light festival is a chance for people to make merits. The light lit up from the lanterns represents the moving away from the darkness, bad events for a brighter future. 

How to Celebrate Yee Peng Festival?

Many activities are designed during Yi Peng Festival. You can enjoy Thai dance shows, street parades, or live music. One tradition of Yi Peng is to donate to the temple and writing names of beloved people on the lantern hung outside the temple to wish them to have merit. During this festival, local people also decorate their houses or gardens with lanterns. 

Many food vendors are set up to serve you Thai delicacies so that you can refuel while joining the festival. You can also admire firecrackers, fireworks, etc. 

What is the best place to appreciate Yee Peng Festival?

Normally, you can enjoy the vibrant mass lantern release anywhere in Chiang Mai as people often lit up their lanterns and release them together. However, the best spot for lantern release is at Mae Jo University, it’s advisable to come early to find the best spot. Pick up your camera and capture the mesmerizing photos of mass lantern lighting.

If you don’t want to join the crowds, you can opt to enjoy the spectacular scene from Chiang Mai’s rooftop bars. Choose a comfortable seat and sip a cup of cocktail or your favorite drink. 

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