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Top 5 best resorts in Phu Quoc

Choosing the right accommodation will fulfill the experience for your journey. Therefore the listed accommodation below are recommended to help you narrow down the abundant of choices with some of those deluxe and renowned resorts in Phu Quoc and create the memorable trip during the staying here.

1. Fusion Resort Phu Quoc

The 5-star resort looks like a beautiful oasis hidden gem fronting the decent-sized beach. The spacious interior and well-equipped room will live up to your expectations. You will have a chance to soak up the serenity of this grand resort with a large secluded garden and in-villa pool. Fusion Resort is also full of complimentary activities for tourists to unwind and get relaxed. You can pamper yourself with incredible spa treatment service and immaculate swimming pools. 

2. Mango Bay

Collect lingering memories with off-the-beaten-track eco-friendly resorts. This low-density resort will give you a tranquil and peaceful environment that is close to a touch of nature. Each bungalow is accommodated with solar-powered hot water allowing you to wash away all burdens of normal life and live harmoniously with nature. 

3. The Shells Resort 

This deluxe beachfront resort is one of the top-picked accommodations for tourists. Welcoming and helpful staff, luxurious rooms equipped with modern and convenient facilities will put you in awe and worth your money. Most spectacularly, the contemporary design is inspired by the egg-shaped concept staying harmonious with surrounding nature. Tourists will get a heartfelt experience with profound serenity which seems far beyond touch in daily lives. 

4. Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort

If you don’t want to miss a great time in Phu Quoc Island, you should definitely take this luxury Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort into your consideration. This resort boasts a perfect retreat with spacious 215 villas. Door-to-door delivery and staff’s hospitality leave a huge impression on you. You can revel in the tranquil atmosphere of stunning ocean views. Get immersed in the Plumeria Spa and Fitness Center. Even if you’re a food lover, you will be mesmerized by the flux of culinary options in the restaurant. 

5. Salinda Resort

Take in luxury experience with an escape to charming Salinda Resort. Well-facilitated modern rooms are designed with unique wall art featuring the aesthetic beauty of Vietnam. The distinctive boutique resort offers a great option of authentic food and fine wine and live piano music performance for a romantic experience.

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