Hoi An – The Best City in The World 2019

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Hoi An – The Best City in The World 2019

The Hoi An ancient town has been voted as the best city in the world in 2019 at the Travel+Leisure World’s Best Award. The readers rated the cities based on their travel experiences such as sights and landmarks, culture, cuisine, friendliness, shopping, and overall value. This Vietnamese central city was ranked at 8th place in the 2018 ranking and now bounced up to the top of the list, over San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, which has held the top spot for the past two years, but has now been demoted to the second place. For any traveler who has been on tour to Hoi An will easily agree. Here are the reasons why Hoi An is on the list.

The city is pedestrian-friendly and is considered to be one of the safest cities in Asia. 


Walking street in Hoi An


The old town of Hoi An restricts cars and motorbikes entering so the only healthy way to explore its beauty is by foot or bicycle. And no matter how far you walk, you will still come back to where you start

The lifestyle is slow and relaxed.

Hoi An situated by the bank of Thu Bon River, lends the city a calming and nice atmosphere. This is one of the best holiday destinations for families with other children looking to immerse themselves in culture

The cuisine is amazing 

The city in particular and Vietnam, in general, have variety in vegetarian options which would be heaven to all vegans.

You can find banh mi everywhere in Vietnam but in Hoi An you have a chance to try Banh Mi at Banh Mi Phuong which was called the best sandwiches in the world by Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. Or don’t leave Hoi An if you haven’t tried the Banh Mi of Madame Khanh, she is the queen of Banh Mi as hers represents the truly Vietnamese flavour. The baguette comes stuffed with so much flavour that it literally feels as if it is melting into your mouth, once you have your first banh mi in Hoi An, you will crave for more.

Banh Mi Madame Khanh

Savour the best Vietnamese sandwich you can find in Hoi An on Food tour 

Banh Mi Phuong

But not only Banh Mi, but there are also so many options for foodies to dig in like chicken rice; Cao Lau; herbal drink….the list goes on and on…

The shopping is fantastic 

Hoi An is famous for tailoring and here “you can have anything made to order”. From a dress to a three-piece suit and not to mention it’s surprisingly cheap

It is a colourful lantern town 



All the lantern light up at night create a magical vibe to Hoi An town

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