Top Tips For Solo Travel In South East Asia

15 Aug

Top Tips For Solo Travellers In South East Asia

Solo Travel is on the rise and South East Asia is a wonderful place to go. It enchants you by outstanding beaches, lush rainforest, mouth-watering cuisine, and adorable prices. If you are planning on traveling solo in this continent of the world, here are some tips for you to enjoy the most that it has to offer.

1. Do your research

When you first traveling to foreign countries, it’s much better to know about the destinations before you arrive. For example, take your shoes off when entering local’s houses or visiting temples, especially in Myanmar, so flip flop or easy-wear shoes is highly recommended. In Thailand, very harsh punishments are handed down if you are to disrespect, mock or deface any images of the King of Thailand. Make sure to look up their traditional to avoid any awkwardness or offends to the locals.

2. Trust your instinct

South East Asia is generally a safe place for travelers, especially female solo travelers. Though it doesn’t mean scams and thieves don’t happen. It’s important to listen to your gut and use common sense, if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it, say no and go with other options. Always ask for the taxi fare before the ride; keep your valuable items hidden or your bag in front of you, etc…

3.  Learn the local language

English is not spoken widely throughout South East Asia, there are some countries that people are able to communicate. However, leaning the local langue can help you connect better with the locals. Make an effort to speak a few basic words, “Hello” and “thank you” are always much appreciated by locals.

4. Dress conservatively

It’s essential to know the differences between regions and bring the right clothes to feel comfortable throughout your trip around South East Asia. The weather is hot and pretty much humidity, so it’s wisely to pack light but more on the modest side. Dressing choices in these countries might be more relaxed than in comparison with Southern Asia or the Middle East. Nevertheless, in some conservative destination like Myanmar, Laos, and Northern Thailand, it’s essential to bring long trousers and dresses. In Thailand and Vietnam, especially in bigger cities, wearing shorts or tank top is the norm as many local women dress in western style.

The most vital rules when entering temples and religious sites in South East Asia countries is your shoulder and knees should be covered. So you should carry a long scarf or a sarong if you plan to visit one.  

5. Get a local sim card

Unlocked phone with a local sim card will become handy when traveling in South East Asia. Not only for your convenience but also for your safety in foreign countries. It can be useful for getting from place to place, booking your accommodations or day trip from the road. And also, in an emergency situation, you can call someone at your hotel for help.

Moreover, you can contact your family and friends back home whenever you need. So they are able to know where you are and that gives them a peace of mind about your safety. Sim cards are easy to get in South East Asia, check at the airport where the phone company normally stand right at the gate, they can install the SIM card for you there then you are all good to go.

Be open and friendly, and get to know the locals. A smile can go a long way in helping you meet fascinating people and like-minded travelers. You are about to have the unforgettable experiences of your life so enjoy every moment.

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